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I got this question from roadrunner internet, what does it mean?

Dear Road Runner Customer,

Please be aware that Road Runner has received a report of unwanted Internet
activity being transmitted from a machine connected to the cable modem on
your Road Runner Internet connection. This violates the Road Runner AUP
(Acceptable Use Policy) for your residential account.

We are aware that the majority of such activity is caused by an infected or
compromised computer. As such we ask that you visit our self-help Web site
(Link: once you have read this notice and been returned
to normal Internet activity for a suggested course of action. Please copy
this URL to your clipboard or write it down now and then click on the Virus
Fix button when you reach the site. Please note the instructions on this
site are in English only.

You will receive an email to your Road Runner master email address with
additional information regarding this incident. If you are unsure of your
Road Runner email address or you have concerns regarding the validity of
this notice, please contact your local office.

We ask that you read the Road Runner Acceptable Use Policy found at
(Link:,), and bear in mind that violations of the Road Runner AUP
can result in actions taken against your account up to and including account
suspension and or termination of high speed data service. Please be aware
that these steps are taken to protect the quality of service we provide to
you and the rest of our customers.

Once your normal Internet service is resumed please note that you should
take steps to resolve the abuse issue within 24 hours or we will disable
your service should further reports of unwanted activity be received.

To resume your normal Internet connectivity, please click the button at
the bottom of this page.

I'v had raod runner for a long time- never saw that message. I wouldn't hit the button.
what do YOU think it means?
go with your gut.

Most often, such letters indicate some copyright organization has comlained to your isp about illegal p2p at your ip address. I'd check out that e-mail they mention, or call them to ask about the specifics.

It means you're computer is bugged with viruses and either you have to fix it within the next 24 hours or they shut down your connection.

So download spyware, trojan, keyloggers, and virus scanners NOW!

But also wait until you receive the email from that known ISP.

Cheers and good luck ^_^

Several possibilities, none of them good. First of all, the link appears to be who they say they are. The whois indicates the domain is owned by Time Warner/RoadRunner.
The first possibility (although not likely) is that someone is using your broadband for purposes that violate RR's terms of service. These most likely would be related to spam, illegal porn or possibly running some type of unauthorized server. If you are using an unsecured wireless card, your connection may be in use by others outside your home.
The most likely is that your PC has been infected and is in use as a zombie and is regenerating a ton of spam.
As others have said, do a virus and spyware sweep using online services first (if you have some installed it may be already compromised and might not locate the infection). Try Pandaware Active scan or Trend Mircos online scanner. Try to repair if possible.Then down load tools such as spybot S&D, Ad-awareSE (both free) as well as a good quality virus tool and re run your sweeps again.

It means you either have a virus on your machine and they want you to take it off, if you don't they will stop your connection or they want you to stop using P2P connections.

Scan your machine.

Don't take any action online. Call or email their regular customer service and make sure its real. It sounds like it might be a scam. A genuine email would have used your name / id

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