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Why is the show "The Apprentice" not show really a show about becoming an apprentice?

I am finding the show "The Apprentice" be be more about product placement and execs trying to get an actually lower paying job just for the fame and fortune. The goal of being an apprentice is to learn and most of the folks choosen, are already highly successful folks, some making 7 figures a year to get a $100k job for Donald Trump.

Isn't the goal of being an apprentice to learn a trade? In this case it's business management. 99.9% of all "applicants" are already doing well in their choosen field. Would it not actually make sense to have a show about REAL apprenticehip? Take a person doing factory line work and "mold him or her" into a business apprentice? Looking at the background from most of these folks, seems they are there just to padd the resumes and not really attempting to become "an apprentice".

The question is or maybe a pondering of, why the show is not about real apprentices. Real apprenticeship is taking someone NOT in the field (this case business) and teaching them. Think like this: I am the best "glass blower". I am auditioning people to become my apprentice, learn my trade, to pass the mantel of success onto them, learn as I have learned, but I only interview successful glass blowers from other cities. Does this make sense now?

I was wondering about the same thing a few days ago? Wouldn't it make more sense to get candidates who really need the apprenticeship? Then again not all the candidates resumes are quite the way you describe them. Some were more successful than others. Also, some probably exaggerate their resumes a little bit. But even if you're already very successful you could still have a lot to learn from Donald Trump that is useful. He's known to be a great businessman.

Still, I agree with the main thrust of the question. I think the producers who select the candidates incorrectly focus on bulky resumes rather the actual character traits of the person such as ambition and intelligence. Even worse, they seem to focus on selecting candidates based on entertainment factor instead of how much he/she is likely to be hired by Trump.

you lost me

It's about Trump making money. Nothing more, and it's tanking miserably. I'm not watching - are you?

Umm that is the reason for the name of the be an apprentice in Trump's world

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