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I have a typing speed of 32 words for minute. Is that good or bad?

Because wan't to add it to my CV.

Keep in mind everyone that i'm just a student.

Most CV's don't include typing speeds, but a job application practice-practice-practice to bring your typing speed up if you're aiming for an office assistant or PA type job...they'll need you right around 60. Many employers will give you a typing test to verify your listed speed--often they'll give you a practice round and then another where you'll do a lot better than the first. I think there's a word-processing program that includes typing drills...[the old WordPerfect one did anyway] or you can Google "typing speed drills" and see if there's one on the net. Good luck!

That's a good way to start. I was like you when I first entered the financial industry. My typing speed is now 50 wpm but I do a lot of other duties so it is not what they measure me on primarily. Keep up the good work!!

that is quite a low number. i would advise that you only put really good parts on your c.v... wait until your speed is higher then add it to your c.v.... good luck

It's two words a minute faster than me! So it's not bad - but not up to the standards of a professional typist. But most people are bloody useless - so put it on you CV. I watched a woman filling in a "form" using MS Word in a hospital. I could have done it in 15 minutes max - it took her 4 hours - while I sat waiting for the results of a test bored stupid! I presume her next day's task would be putting the results of my test in to the computer! LOL

A minimum of 40 wpm is considered to be good

i would say below average. Im 13 and can type around 50wpm with one of those programs. Not all programs are accurate. Just keep it off your CV until you have better practice and increase your wpm.

if you are 18+ please pm me, i have a proposition that may interest you

Accuracy is more important than speed but 32 isn't all that hot since I am in the seventies BUT you can improve your typing with practice so get on it. If I can do it, you can do it. Stay away from bragging about your typing speed and concentrate on putting down other things that set you apart from other resumes... software you have experience in, awards you've won, etc. When your typing is at 110 wpm, brag about it!!! :)

32 wpm is fine for me, and It never stopped me getting anywhere.

Don't worry, It is not needed on your CV.

An average assistant would be expected to reach at least 50wpm. A legal sec would probably be nearer 60-70wpm.

But it's a skill you have and with constant practice it will only improve.

Average for a student...

average, some secretarial jobs will ask for at least 40wpm so you may want to exaggerate (those tests are never really that accurate!)

dont add it to your cv yet - as you get more used to typing it will get faster... think the minimum you could claim would be 45wpm

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