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What does the cv in us navy carrier squadrons(airplanes)mean?

What does the cv in us navy carrier squadrons(airplanes)mean?

As others has pointed out CV refers to the Carrier. not the Squadrons. CV is a Naval Hull Type Designation. The basic Hull Types for combatant Naval ships are as follows:

FF Frigate
DD Destroyer
CA Cruiser
BB Battleship
CV Carrier
there are modifiers to these to further denote their capabilities. Adding a "G" after the hull type denotes that the vessel has a major missile system as part of its primary armament hence:
FFG Guided Missile Frigate
DDG Guided Missile Destroyer
CG (the "A" is no longer used) Guided Missile Cruiser
Adding a "N" shows that the vessel is nuclear powered

To Jeff P, the first answerer, You say in your profile you love facts and cannot stand those who wont do a little research. PLEASE do so yourself before answering. N does NOT have anything to do with Night. but I would not expect a self styled liberal to know anything about the military.

As to Carrier Squadrons, they also have designators that determine the type of planes they fly.
VF= Fighter Squadron (F-14 Tomcats)
VMF= Marine Fighter Squadron
VFA= Multirole Fighter Attack ( F/A-18 Hornets)
VMFA= Marine multirole Fighter Attack
VA= Attack Squadron (A-6 Intruders)
VF-84 was a famous squadron, the Jolly Rogers
VF-111 was the Sundowners

VAQ Electronic Warfare Squadron (EA-6B Prowlers)
VAW Airborne Early Warning (E-2 Hawkeyes)

Here is a link to a complete list of Naval Hull Designations

UPDATE: Jeff P Emailed me defending his claim of N meaning Night, then like a child, blocked my being able to respond to him. so here is my response... After writing me explaining that USS Enterprise was originally CV-6 and later changed to CVN but was never nuclear powered. and that he gets his info from a cousin that was in the Navy....

Jeff P,
And I myself. not some cousin served aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
and USS Halsey (CG-23)

The WW II enterprise is CV-6 or CVA-6 The "A" is optional. It was NEVER referred to as CVN.
There is an Enterprise Aircraft Carrier that has the CVN designation but it is not the same Enterprise from World War Two. it is CVN-65 and it IS Nuclear Powered. In Fact it was the FIRST Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier.
You are confusing two different Navy Ships with the same name. The Original WW II CV-6 Enterprise, and the Cold War Era CVN-65 Enterprise that Was Nuclear Powered.

Ah, here it is , Aircraft Carrier Type
. The "CV" designation was originally derived from cruisers, since aircraft carriers were seen as an extension of the sea control and denial mission of cruisers. The "V" designation for heavier than air craft comes from the French verb "Voler" (to fly). Report Abuse

Carrier Vessel. CVN means Carrier Vessel Night, meaning they're rigged for night flying. all are now, but in WWII it was a bigger deal to have that N... It does not stand for Navy.

CV is an old term, used on Air Craft Carriers, i.e. USS KITTY Hawk, CV-63. However the newer models, are branded, CVN for the use of nucular fuel used to provide power, i.e. USS RONALD REGAN, CVN-76.
CV-63 is the oldest aircraft carrier in the US NAVY, and the ONLY FOWARD Deployed ship in the US NAVY, and stationed in YOKOSUKA, Japan.

the squadrons aren't CVs. the carriers are .. the only two CVs left are KITTY HAWK and JFK. JFK is going away very soon, most likely within the next year, and HAWK is going away in 2008.

all the rest are CVNs: Nuke carriers

Give it to cg23..he is 4.0 on his answer.......

Carrier, aViation.

As others have pointed out, CV is a oil-powered carrier (conventional), and CVN is for nuclear powered carriers.

Squadrons were VF (Aviation, Fighter), VFA (Aviation Fighter/Attack), VS (Aviation, Anti-Submarine), HS (Helicopter, Anti-Submarine), and VAW (Aviation, Airborn Warning). Along with detachments from VAQ (Aviation Electronic Warfare) and VRC (Aviation, Reserve Cargo?).

The USS Kitty Hawk is the last of the conventional powered carriers (CV-63), and is the oldest active-duty vessel in the US Navy.

I did a WestPac Cruise on the Kitty in 1996-1997. Loved flying off and on that old boat.

The US Navy uses the letter designations to indicate what type of unit it is - ships & aircraft squadrons all receive such designations:

CV = "Carrier General Purpose"
CVA = "Attack Carrier"
CVN = "Carrier (Nuclear Propulsion)"
CVAN = "Attack Carrier (Nuclear Propulsion)

The "CV" comes from "Carrier aViation".


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