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Whats the worst that could happen if i dont change the cv joints or boots on my car?

Whats the worst that could happen if i dont change the cv joints or boots on my car?

Arr if you don't replace the boot the joint loses its grease and the joint wheres out, it just makes a noise, the way they are constructed they will still give you drive and you can drive them as long as you can put up with noise, nothin to worry about most of these experienced blokes don't know what there talking about. I

They fall off making your wheels snap and you could crash hurting yourself and/ or others.

its very dangrous, you could be in trouble if the joints freeze up or is broken off all together

Well, a broken CV joint is not going to make the wheel fall off or anything exciting like that. But it will interrupt the flow of power to the wheels. And without power, your car won't go anywhere.

The car will initially steer of line and could encroach into oncoming traffic

both answers are correct . and you could mess up your car too.

The worst thing, would be that the axle falls off and you are stranded somewhere.

The joints will freeze up and your car stops.

Totally agree with Fordman,,,I'd get the work done if I were you !

Only one joint on one end breaks, the other end stays attached to your spindle while you're driving 60 mph. The loose end of the spinning axle could crack the transmission housing and damage steering components beyond repair. So if you put off this repair you could end up paying ten times as much if you wait for a total failure. Good luck!

The worst that could happen?

You could die

It don't get much worse than that

Not repairing this problem when first found could place extra vibration and loading on wheel bearings and other related axle items. It may sound expensive not but if you leave it the price could increase vastly.
Here in the UK you can will not pass the annual MOT test with a split boot.

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