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What are CV Joints on a car? And if left unfixed can it cause an accident?

I have a small Nissan Micra and a friend recently said my CV joints are going or gone I can't remember which, and I just wanted to check if this is what it is, because every time I go around corners or make a turning it doesn't matter which way, I hear a clicking noise coming from the wheel area! Its getting louder as well, and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if they are left unfixed if it could be potentially dangerous? No time wasting answers please, only answer if you know what your talking about! Thanks

Constant Velocity Joints (CVJ) are joints between the drive shafts and the wheels which transmit power and make the car move. These ensure that power is delivered to the tyres irrespective of the position of the tyres (up/down/turning/straight) relative to the drive shafts. These normally get damaged if the dust boot gets cracked or broken and the dust enters the joints. Best would be drive carefully with no harsh acceleration or braking and get them changed immediately. These can cause structural damage and make the car go out of control once they break.

clunking around turns is bad inner joints.. vibration on acceleration is the outer joints
yes, bad axles can cause an accident.. loss of power when the joint lets loose Report Abuse

clunking around turns is bad outer joints.. vibration or skipping on acceleration is bad inner joints..
my bad Report Abuse

well ya it could cause an accident id tke it to the garage to get fixed i cant explain it bt i am in college as a car mechanic id get that checked out asap

Yes it could cause you to be in an accident,the cv axles are what drive the front wheels from the transmission.get it fixed asap!

cv joints are a part that turns the wheels and if they do fail then yes it can be potentially dangerous, if ur wheel is going one way and ur car is going the other way it might be a bit of a problem

Yep. I had a CV joint suddenly pop out for no reason.. I coasted to an off-ramp and into a motel parking lot..

If the sucker jams you could be in trouble....

CV stands for Constance velocity joints and yes you are in danger of having them fail and possibly causing an accident, best thing to do is get them fix ASAP

get them replaced asap they are the rubber covering on the front wheel drive part of your car on the axle is a accordion boot like device that protects it and keeps lubrication in there when its out or cracked stuff can get in and chew it up in there and u will be spending a lot of money in repairs the CV joints do so min else but cant remember they are a vital part of your car Ill get bad gas mileage too i don't think they will make u have a accident but they could seize up if u don't get them fixed.

CV joints stands for constant velocity , which means it keeps equal pressure on your driving wheels even when turning corners , when the wear spaces develop between the roller balls and the Cage that retains them, thats the clicking that you can hear on corners, In the early stages no it is not dangerous , but as the clicking gets louder the wear is getting worse , they can in extreem cases lock up so change them , better a painful pocket that a broken head.

The CV joint connects the half shafts which drive the car with the wheels, the CV joint allows the power to be transmitted throughout the wheels turning (steering ) range of motion.
Failure of front wheel driveaxle parts could lead to:
* 1. Complete failure of the shaft leaving the driver and his or her family stranded
* 2. Disintegration of the unit while in motion which in turn could puncture the transmission or some other area under the car, or
* 3. Loss of control over the vehicle and the possibility of a life threatening accident.

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