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Im a high school drop out, but how do i put it in my resume and application form?

im still 17, and should be in grade 12, and i know i have to go back to school or the doors wont open up yadda yadda, but i cant go back due to my current situation, and i might get a GED too in the future. but i want to get a 2nd job (i already have a full time job) - nothing fancy, just a fast food restaurant or a shoes store, etc.

in the application form, how do i put my education in the EDUCATION section? my high school name and the date i finished the grade? i finished grade 11, but never went back.....

and in my resume, how would i put it?

please help me out will ya? and i know going back to school is the best option - but this is now and i need this help now. thanks, i appreciate it.

I would have the title of the school, with the years you went there as sort of a sub heading under education, then underneath, write "Completed grade 11". Underneath that write any highlights/achievements of your high school career.

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