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How do you write a cover letter to reapply for a job you've left and want to return to?

I spent some time away from a job, pursuing further education that I have since decided not to pursue. I think that I have a good chance of getting the job back, but they want me to go through the normal procedure of sending them a resume and possibly having an interview. Would it be necessary to send a cover letter, and if so, what do I say? I don't know the person that is in charge of human resources now, so they may be unfamiliar with my situation.

If you have to go through the normal process of sending a resume, etc., you have to send a cover letter. First and foremost, if you know someone still w/the organization, learn the full name of whoever is currently in charge of HR and address the letter to their attention (Dear Mr. Give Me A Job:). You can use the same 1st paragraph as when you were initially applying for the job (clearly it worked, since you did get the job!).

For your 2nd paragraph, note that your previous employment in said position was above par, various particulars of your success in that position and you left of your own volition to pursue further education. Due to a change in your professional pursuits, you have decided that the position you are re-applying for is where your heart truly lies. Then tell Mr./Ms. HR Person a reason or 2 why your further education has made you an even better candidate for your old job than you were when you actually had it.

3rd paragraph should thank them for their consideration, reassert what a wonderful company they are and how you look forward to rejoining their ranks as a person of vision and able team player.

Best of luck!

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