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Do i put my current university on my resume if i havent graduated yet?

I'm currently writing my resume and unfortuanly i'm in my 3rd year of college so all my EDUCATION section has is my high school. So do i still put all the same info about my major and GPA? or do i jsut put like 2003 - current for the date and then just put my college?

when putting the years attended put thru present and then anticipated date of grad.

Yes. Just put the school, the start date and your declared major. If you want, you could also put an anticipated graduation date or the words 鈥渟till attending鈥?

You've gotten some good advice so far, but I wanted to add this to your list: These guys helped me with my resume and it had some tricky problems, too. Only cost me a few dollars, and it was done in a couple of days. They could at least offer you good advice.

Good luck!

Yes, you should include your current university even if you have not graduated. You can include the expected month of you graduation. Here are some examples.

Harvard University
Coursework completed towards MS in Computer Science

University of Virginia
BA English, 06/2007

Yes. Mention the name of your university and say "Continuing education"


of course , how else do you explain 3 years of "missing"

Yes - it will be a 'plus' on your resume. It will show you are furthering your education and not a loser. Something many employwrs are seeking these days. Good luck on your new job!!

I am still in school (again) and I put the university I am attending, my major, and my expected graduation date on my resume.

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