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How should you list education on your resume if you are still in college?

How should you list education on your resume if you are still in college?

BA - English - May 2008 (anticipated)

yes, keep it up to date

List how many years are completed. It depends on the other information you're including, but noting the degree you're working towards could be important. If you're providing dates for all of your education, just say "2005-present" (or whatever the relevant dates are) or "Aug 2005-present" if you're including months.

Simply put it under the education heading....( example below)

Student, Yahoo Answers University 2006-

That would cover it.

eg: Currently studying law at Queens University. In my second year of my undergrad degree (LLB.)

Employers are interested in your preparation for the position, and the efforts made to become prepared. If you have a reasonable idea of when you will be graduating, list the school, major, anticipated degree and anticipated date of graduation. If like so many others, you are taking courses in a more haphazard fashion, and don't have a good idea as to when you will be graduating, list the school, major, degree program in which you are participating and your progress- sophomore, junior, etc. Hours taken don't mean very much since every program is different.

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    You should put that you have a degree in process, what it is, and how much you have to go - for example, "B.S. Engineering in process, expected graduation date June 2008"

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    You write you institution followed by your expected graduation date and your majors and minors.

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