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What do I put on my resume under 'education' if I am currently taking classes at a community college?

I graduated high school in 1997 and have been taking college classes (community and university) off and on (mostly off) since. I don't want it to look like I've been in college for 10 years straight. Is it better to not include an 'education' section?

I doesn't matter all that much that you have been going to school on and off. An employer will look and see that you have been furthering your education all that time, that is good. It depends on the job. Put your diploma, than outline your CC classes, like say "three semesters, accounting curriculum, Soandso Community College"

If you are applpying for a job that is looking for a bachelors, it may not help as much as a job that wasnt an associates degree. If you are close to your associates, many times employers will take you if you are almost there. If you are applying for blue collar or High School level jobs, than it can only help you.

No, you definitely need to include education. Those community college classes could make a difference. Show multiple intervals where you took classes (e.g. 1997-1998; 2000-2002; 2005)

If the education pertains to the job, then no it is not better to leave it off. Even if you have taken classes for 10 years, it demonstrates a determination to see a project through to the finish. And besides that, who cares how long it took you to finish school, as long as you finished.

also put your gpa and how many credits you have completed

No, you need to include an education section. just put:
Currently enrolled "Your college here" and say how many credits you have accumulated.

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