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How do I list my education on my resume if I haven't graduated yet?

I am graduating on June third -- I will have a B.A with a double major in criminal justice and sociology. How do I put this on my resume since I don't technically have it yet?

I'm an HR Manager, so I see a lot of resumes. The best way to do this is to list it with qualifiers of when the graduation is scheduled. Employers tend to know what you mean when you do this. Here's an example...


College Name
Bachelor of Arts
Major: Criminal Justice and Sociology
GPA: (Note: only list if you have 3.0 or better; and only list major GPA if it is markedly better than your overall GPA)
Graduation Date: June,2007

currently attending

I would put the dates....October 2004-Present

then on your cover letter I would state that you are graduating on June 3rd.

Many ways that you could do this. List the degree with major minor and then anticipated graduation date.

College's Name
Bachelor of Arts
Criminal Justice/Sociology
GPA 3.5
Anticipated graduation: June 2007


Colleges's Name
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Sociology
GPA 3.5
Anticipated graduation June 2007

Only put GPA if you have a good one and you should list which college that you earned your degree from. Your college's Career Services Department should have sample resumes for you to look at and should do resume critiques. I would recommend visiting them and see what services they can help you with other than resumes.

B.A. expected 2008, for example

presently obtaining grade twelve diploma

Once you have it, you list it with the month and year you received it. Before you get it, you list it exactly the same -- except for the month and year, you can put something like "Expected June 2007"

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