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If I did not obtain a degree, should I still put college education on my resume?

I'm working on a resume right now. I went to college for one year and only took a couple GE classes. Should I put that on my resume?

Yes you should. It shows that you have initiative to get a higher education and training. Just name the college, dates attended, and if applicable to the postion your applying for, state your intended major and courses you took. As others have mentioned though, just be prepared to answer why you didn't finish. I went to school and had to withdraw @ the end of sem. because my husband and I move around a lot (military), I was in pre-engineering and luckily I got my job at the city electric department, they are training me in some stuff pushing me to get my degree in EE and they mentioned if I enroll here they'll take me on as an intern instead. So a lot of things can happen, and you'd never know what you might benefit from it. : )

Absolutely! State the number of hours you've completed nand your GPA, but do not indicate that you earned a degree (because you did not). Some college is certainly better than NO college and you need to use everything you have in today's job market. Good luck!

I would include it.

You could include in your "Goals for the Future" that you plan on finishing and getting that degree, if you plan to do so - especially if it is something that will go along with the position you are applying for.

Good Luck!

yes. it helps to fill the gaps and explain what you were doing during that year. it helps complete your work history and show you have knowledge in an area even if you didnt finish. be prepared to answers questions ablout why you didnt finish though

You can always put it as continued education. When you sign up for colloege they ask on one of the forms what kind of degree you want or if it is continuing education.

Yes, list the time you attended and that you took some general education courses. Just do not try to lie and say that you graduated or finished a degree with them.

If the classes you took could be related to the job your applying for- then state the classes. Otherwise, just put "some college experience."

Yes. Put in "____ ____ " University/College , with emphasis on...(whatever classes you took)...

I always do. I have always put all of my education on job applications.

You should put it on and saying something like "attended (name of school) from dtae to date. It is a good thing to show but be prepared to answer questions about why you stopped going.

Not unless you want to answer questions about why you didn't finish.

HELL YA LOL if you got a credit for that then put it onnnnn lol :)

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