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I'm an eBay Powerseller should I put eBay on my resume?

Im going to be graduating college in a month with a fiance degree. I am job hunting and have no work experience in the finance field. I'm working on my resume and besides working as a waiter and a consultant for an ebay drop of company, I'm also an ebay powerseller. Should I put that on my resume, or would employers look at it as a joke?

This is what I currently have
eBay Silver PowerSeller, 2004 鈥?Present
鈥ccomplished by averaging at least $3000 in sales per month for three consecutive months.
鈥-commerce experience with selling feedback score greater than 1000. Positive feedback: 99.6%

First of all, I think that is a great question to ask. I am sure there are many others that are curious about the same thing. My opinion is that I am sure there are some employers that would see it as irrelevant maybe a few will see it as a joke. But eBay has a huge presence in our lives these days and is pretty much commonplace in this day and age. Like another person said, it shows independence, which I totally agree with. It also shows that you can stick to a task for a long period of time, which not everyone can do. It is not easy to be a Powerseller, props to you for attaining it. Use it, you earned it. But like some else said, be careful NOT to just put you are an 鈥渆Bay Powerseller鈥? you need to add a description to what that means. Put as much detail about your eBay achievements as you can, without being too wordy. So ABSOLUTELY; include that on your resume. Good Luck.

Yes it shows independence

I would leave it on. It shows you have good skills, follow up and can run a business. I would consider it a plus. I also suggest you get out your yellow pages and call companies you want to work for and ask if you can fax over your resume

i have no clue wat you are talking about and i dont care...haha

I would not recommend it, unless it was for a job that involved internet selling or advertising. You won't want potential employers to think you might spend more time and effort on your own 'powerselling' than on the job you are applying for, or that you might use the office computers for your personal business.

of course..the more the better. eBay powerselling is work experience. Just think what you had to do to sell the items. Its all business. I know people who makes a living doing that. It also shows you are computer savy.

Just because you're a powerseller doesn't mean that you have good feedback (some powersellers have hideous feedback), and some employers will know this, so you'll need to say more than just the fact that you're an eBay Powerseller. But in answer to your question, sure, put it on the resume. But explain the requirements for powerseller status, and talk about the skills involved (as an eBay seller, you write your own ad copy, work with shipping/receiving, marketing and much more). Explain in detail what you do, and mention your many repeat customers (if, indeed, you have them). As an eBay seller, you're also working with ensuring customer satisfaction. You'll need to explain the job on paper to those who might not understand what it actually involves.


It shows that you have certain skills. Why not put it on? Add some detail though, "powerseller" doesn't mean anything to most people.

put 4get wat ppl think

Absolutely. This is an achievement that shows commitment, endurance, and the understanding of e-commerce as well as shipping skills, customer service, and financial management. Anyone who doesn't consider selling on ebay a job/career has got to be nuts. As long as your rating is decent and you're not selling adult material, I say go for it, it can't hurt (especially with your existing resume). Good Luck!

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