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Is it OK to put Volunteer work on a Resume?

I'm submitting an online resume to attend a national Engineering student conference and scholarship program.

I don't have any work experience but the main Volunteer Experience I have had has been in a Children's Hospital for about a year during high school.

I realize that it does not count as RELEVANT experience but should I still use it? If so, should I use it for other resumes for internships etc.

Also: I have also volunteered at my church for about 11 weeks for about 4-5 hours each week about a 6 months ago, can I include that?


Sure, put them down. Try to find a few aspects of the volunteer work that apply to the requirements for that scholarship and list that you learned those things as a volunteer. And they always like to see a well-rounded person. Definately include the volunteer work.

Of Course

Yes include the information from the hospital. I would NOT include the church volunteer work. What if the people reviewing the applications are of a different religious background or they are atheists? You don't want to be discriminated against based on your religious beliefs. OR, you could list the experience creatively without making it known that it was church.

you gotta really sell yourself man, put everything that makes you look good on there...
yes, put all of this on your resume.

Your volunteer work is very relevant in this instance. It appears that you are submitting this resume to be considered for attendance in a conference and scholarship application, and volunteering plays an important role in consideration for these types of programs.

I started my career as a hospital volunteer also, and that experience was the catalyst that allowed me to be considered for additional paid positions within the hospital, and with other organizations. It also helped me along my career path in healthcare.

When writing a resume, the main thing to remember is the fact that you are trying to sell yourself by sharing your own personal past experiences. You should include everything that would be perceived as relevant and important to the decision makers. For internships, accentuate the volunteer duties and responsibilities that may be relevant to that position you are seeking.

Good luck with the scholarship!

Absolutely, its not only okay, but it would probably be looked at as more impressive. I think it really speaks to someone's character that they would volunteer their time for others. You might want to put Volunteer work under a separate heading than other employment however.

sure why not pad it up as much as possible, but be accurate

You should put any good things you did on a resume, so you should.

it depens were you will work at it always is good to put volunteer work on future refrences

By all means put volunteer work on your resume. It tells alot about you. Good luck! PS - don't put hobbies on there.

Not only is it okay, it's expected...shows your motivation for this kind of work, even when you're not being paid to do it...employers like that kind of enthusiasm...

You can include volunteering, but make a separate heading (not under job experience). Also remember that even jobs like pet sitting count as job experience and can be used to show work-related traits that employers seek.

You should draw on every experience you can. Highlight area's of the experience that has anything to do with what you want. Show how you led a project or how you used people skills to rally the team, or the responsiblities you were given. It all helps in some relevant form or another. Be creative if you have to but really talk up your experiences. I still add Eagle Scout to my resume and achievements, honors, and volunteer work. If anything it will show you have character and your not just a average person. Good luck

NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( only because everyone else said 'yes' )



it definatly counts and is RELEVENT! it shows dedication, flexibility, commitment, you gained people skills teamwork skills working independantly ect you bet put it on there

Yes put volunteering on the resume. Even if you have work experience and are currently volunteering you want to still put it on.

Yes. You should put all of your experiences on a Resume

Something is better than nothing in this case.
So, yes.

Yes definitely. Voluntary experience is still very valuable experience and always worth listing.

It IS relevant. It shows you have a work ethic, and empathy.
Other people applying to the same program will be in similar situations.

Absolutely!! Some of the best work you can report in a resume is volunteer work because it shows what you like to do, not just what you are paid to do. It will often show your best work because it is more focused on your personal passions.

I think that you should put it on the resume. It shows that you were willing to help out even without pay. I think it would serve you well to include such information.

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