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Golden Key International Honour Society ?

I got an invitation letter today from Golden Key International Honour Society. I read from Wiki that some people said it was just an "elaborate scam". Membership is like $90 (for life?). On the other hand, my resume is pretty dry and I'm looking for something to put on it. So my question is, is this society well known around the world? Would it help me find a better job or get into MBA school if I say I'm a member? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

Having joined this and another honour society, I would say it depends how active the chapter is on your campus and how involved ultimately you want to be.

I would go to a few meetings and see if they have stuff going on that you want to get involved with. Involvement is key. Just slapping it on your resume does little for you if you can't tell a potential employer what skills you learned or what experiences you gained, challenges overcome eetc. If you put it on your resume just because it says you were smart, you get the same effect by just putting your GPA.

You definitely need extracurricular stuff on your resume. Golden Key is just as good as anything. But definitely get involved in something!

don`t do it it`s the pyramid.

Never heard of this Society. So I would leave it and save your money.

I remember that I didn't get invited to do it and I was annoyed.

Something I've learned throughout the years is that people like to see "societies" on your resume/cv. I've joined several "Professional societies" which are basically just you paying money to get some science journal, newsletter, and access to their websites. It has its benefits, but at the same time it is basically just you giving money to be in a club.

BUT... people will look at golden key and see that you were/are smart... HOWEVER, it probably won't be the make/break factor for you to get into college and MBA. If you've got the money, spend it. :)

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