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Should I include a 50 wpm typing speed in my resume?

Typing speed 50 wpm, 95% accuracy...will not include the accuracy on the document, though.

I'm applying for administrative assistant/office manager jobs. I'd like to know if incuding my typing speed on my resume will be a hindrance or a help.

From reading other questions, I see that 50 wpm is good....but during a job search, an applicant needs to be more than good!

What do you include it, or not?

I sell machines, and I always include typing speed on my resum茅. It's even more relevant to you than me. Include it!

It actually has wound up being a factor in every job I've had since high school =)

The way to include your typing speed is to have a sentence on your cover letter that might read something like this:

"In addition to my background, training and passion for the position opening in your organization, I just would like to add that I type an accurante fifty words per minute. This skill set might come in handy when there is a deadline approaching."

Add that you look forward to hearing from them soon giving you an opportunity to interview in person to answer any question they might have. Best of luck on your search !

Add it to your cover letter not your resume'... Always send a cover letter!!

Good luck!

50 wpm is not bad at all. I would include this skill especially if you are applying for the type of jobs you stated. You do not need to include your accuracy percentage.

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Include it as well a the accuracy - the speed is ok, but the accuracy number is more impressive than the typing speed.

Good luck!

You should try to make it rely high but in tell then you should say its like 60. Hope this helps!


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