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I forgot to attach my resume with email. I realized this after two days i sent an email. what should i do now?

HR manager has hard copy of my resume tho..
how can i apolozise him nicely.

Thank you

Write something semi-formal. Do not apologize. Try something more like 'The other day I have sent you an email regarding my application/the opportunity of an interview(mention the job title). Unfortunately, I have hit <<send>> before I had actually attached my resume. If you don't mind too much I would like to take this opportunity and send it to you.' End your e-mail properly and this time make sure you don't forget to actually attach your resume. And don't worry, hr managers are humans just as well and they know how emotional we all can get when it comes about a job. However, if you exaggerate with apologizing you might get him to think that you are absent-minded, emotional and insecure. Therefore, he'll think twice before handing you a job full of responsibilities.

I would email him now and apologize, explain quickly that you must have sent it off without attaching the file and that it is now included. Nothing long winded and MAKE SURE that it goes through a spell checker and make sure you sit and take your time to edit the grammar. Please don't take this as an insult as it's not intended as one, but if the email/resume is written similar to the question on this page, you will be at a great disadvantage to other applicants. Good luck with the application and I hope it works out for you!

it has come to my attention that I completely forgot to include my resume in my email to you a few days ago. I have included it in this email. I sincerely apologize and hope you will still consider me for the job.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Just attach it in a new e-mail and apologize saying you we're cleaning out your sent box and were horrified to see it didn't attach. I wouldn't say "I forgot" though...

Send another email with the resume and a brief apology. Call HR as well and let the person know what is happening.

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