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What are the main differences between a hardcopy resume and online submissions?

What are the main differences between a hardcopy resume and online submissions?

A hardcopy is an actual piece of paper - an online submission means you would email your resume as an attachment, or fill out an online application.

hard copy is hard

Online is online


Hardcopy = paper

Online = not paper

Hard copy is the paper form, whereas online submission is sometimes called a soft copy. Most companies prefer to have a hard copy of your resume as opposed to an online submission.

In terms of the format they should be the same. Some online submission forms do not allow text formatting so your resume will look dull, they will expect this in such a case.

If your resume is being sent via email the general method is to type your cover letter in the body of the email with the resume attached as a Word document. Unless directions given by the potential employer insist otherwise.

hard copy generally refers to having the document in your hands as opposed to reading the information from a website.

hope thie helps.

You print your resume on a piece of paper, send it to them by mail, fax, or submit personally.It they don't like it, either it can be returned to you, put it in a shereder machine or throw it to a waste box..But if you are hired, it goes to your 201 personnel file.

For an online,you submit simply submit your resume on line either directly on the email or as an attachment to your email..If they will read it on their monitor,, and if they don't like it, they will simply delete it from their computers,, If they like it, they will hire you,, then they will print your resume to make a hardcopy for your 201 personnel file.

Different formats too. Some online submissions require special formatting.

hi, i guess a hardcopy one is something that you created yourself in a word program and printed it out, and the online submission may be something that you create within that particular website or job you are applying for? like you can do online submissions on or you can upload a personal one to their website. am i right or am i missing the point?

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