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I was a farm hand. On my resume, how should I word that I milked cows?

I was a farm hand in PA, but looking for a more "professional" job in the New York City area. Ideas?

If you had any other responsibilities, particularly ones where you were in charge of something, play up on that.

In addition, word your job description something like this: "managed daily milking operations of a 300-head dairy farm".

Just say you maintained life stock.

1. Performed duties as a bovine engineer.

2. Manually extracted lactose from domesticated bi-pedals.

3. Precision aim in milk squirting.

4. Doing delivery of daily dairy.

5. Handling of big teets and cows in heat.

Farm Hand!

"Professional Cow Milker." Voila

i would just put farm hand.. i dont think there is a better sounding way to put cow-milker

i dont think you should put that at all
to have the boss get a sense out of where you came from
just express how living on the farmland made you who you are today
Just say working with animals made me felt one with nature itslelf. Something along the line of "skills" "life" "what you can bring to the table" and etc etc

How about "dairy technician"?

Put...... I have lots of training on high tech machines that required several different jobs on a farm. Plus the old fashion way of gathering milk, eggs, etc......and so on

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