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Never had a job and 30 years old ?

I been trying to help one of my friends for a while. He's 30 years old, has a college degree, he's very hard working in school except he's never had a job before. So, nowadays he has a job phobia because he gets scared even applying for jobs because he feels he can only get high school or minimum wage jobs without experience and he keeps thinking about what other people would think of him. He's a smart guy but with career choices he had a bad start cause he focus to much on school. So, nowadays he just stays home and does nothing and feels depress and scared of applying. I mean i think the guy is not lazy and he's a hard worker then a lot of people when he was doing hw at school. But yeah he just has this pride and fear that when he applies for a job and people see on his resume that he has no experience that he will be laughed and mock at. Anyways, does anyone have any advice in breaking my friend's bad habit and PLEASE NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS thank you

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I knew a man like this ... we called him a "professional student". You might suggest he go to a personnel agency(ie. Manpower, Kelly services). They can find him permanent or part-time.

Visit a major charitable organization (Red Cross, United Way, etc.) and volunteer to help on a full time basis for, say, 90 days, and part time after that. Tell them you want to make a real contribution in as high a level in the organization as they will put you in consideration of your education and experience (if any).

Any such work experience, even if unpaid, will be good on a r茅sum茅. Apparently he can afford to do this if he is lying around at home with no income. At the same time, making this kind of contribution will not only give him actual work experience but will also build up his self-esteem and self-confidence.

There is always a need for volunteers. He should be forthright in explaining why he is doing this but I think he will be put to work immediately.

Well, its not common for someone to be in his situation but hes not the only one. What I recommend is he should take a career battery test, look it up in the yellow pages under assesccments, that will tell him what he would be good at. Now, he a college degree, so he will not be working at McDonalds, he better than that. Job anxiety or applying is an anxiety for everyone, you have to get over it, or it will get over you which is what looks what happened. Hes still a young guy, only 30,people are in school till 25-26 now a days so hes more less behind. They will not laugh at him at an interview, i mean everyone has to start somewhere.


I would suggest he go back to school some more and get a real estate license. Then he would pretty much be his own boss. He would still have to do some continuing education over the next 2 years after passing the state exam. This would be the best of both worlds. I was self-employed for over 30 years, tried to retire. I went back to college and got my real estate license last year and love the work and the money I make.

Your friend should go to a job counselor to learn how to interview. Plus if he is depressed, it may not hurt to see a psychiatrist or psychologist.

In the end, your wanting to help him is admirable, but he has to pull himself up by his own boot straps. The world outside of college is radically different, and working hard in the real world has a different connotation than doing project in law school... Be a cheerleader for your buddy, but he has to get himself out there on his own terms. Even if he starts at McDonalds, just to get over the fear of a bad interview.

BTW - I interview people for a living, and I get scared when I am being interviewed. It's all a part of the experience of getting a job. It's doesn't stop with your first job, it's always there.

I have a degree and now working in a college level paying job. Why? Mainly due to previous countless sarcastic interviews that dig at my lack of experience. Seriously speaking, I came across too many people who succeed themselves but who do not wish the same for others. Just because you have no experience, they think they can laugh at you and put you down. So I say that your friend's worry is not unfounded. Indeed, he will be scorned at and he will get a lot of disrespect from his younger peers. I also have the so called "job phobia" u mentioned. But even so, I know that landing in a lower paying job is better than no job at all.

And with regards to his "pride" and "high school wage job"....Does it mean that a job with lower academic criteria is a easier job? I have seen degree holders who can't even perform a clerk duties like filing and typing properly. There are challenges in all levels of job and I encourage your friend to go out there and meet those challenges.

Everyone has their own stand and motives. To most employers, they only want cheap and good employees. In fact, I would say cheap is their priority in recruitment. To your friend, his priority is to get experience. The way I see it, there is no other way out. Your friend has to let himself in a disadvantage first to get out of this pithole. Forget about his paper qualifications, his age, his lack of experience, his pride....go apply for a job, any job will do.

I know that this is not what your friend would want to hear....but if there is any advice for your friend.....tell him "Do it for the sake of money!"

If he is going to sit at home, he may as well make some money!
Tell him to start a home business online! That way he can work from home and not even have to change into clean is great!

Okay, so he's going to have to suck it up and take a "starter" job. Yes, he'll be competing with younger people. Yes, he's probably going to feel a little weird about it.

But in truth, the people interviewing probably won't know his real age unless he gives them plenty of clues.

For instance, he's got a college degree. There's no need to list his high school education in that case. And there's no need to list anything other than the year he GRADUATED from college on his resume.

And there you go... he's on the same playing field as any other recent graduate. Depending on the type of degree he has, it's likely that he had to do an internship in order to graduate. If that's the case, he needs to play up that experience. If he didn't already do an internship, he might consider looking for one of those first. It may be a good way to work into a full time position at the same company later, but there's less pressure going in.

No offense, but he's pathetic. Plain and simple. Tell him to become a professor. It is not a job, but it is an opportunity to express one's knowledge and use it for the better good of others.

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