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Should you put homemaker on a resume?

I have been at home with my 2 children for 3 years. My husband got laid off so I am going back to work for a while. I'm just not sure what to do. I also have only had one really good jod and was only there for 2 years. I also have no collage experience. But very hands on and I learn quickly.

putting it in a motivation letter would be a better idea i think. resume includes work experience and education (sometimes hobbies,other qualifications, etc)

No. But if you are giving a face to face interview its worth mentioning. Especially if there is a large gap in between jobs.

Yes. It will explain the gap between now and your last job. You want the resume to highlight the ideas of quick learning from your last job. The idea behind the resume is to get you an interview. During the interview you have yuour change to really impress the company and convince them you are a worthy candidate.

Another idea is to go through a temp agency. They can place you where they feel you will do best. Some jobs are temp to perm and in that case your work ethic will speak volumes for itself.

Good luck in the job hunt!

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