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I need summer job ideas for a 16-year-old with no work experience?

I turned 16 in May and I'm ready to have my first job starting this summer!! The only problem is I need ideas on what to work as? and I'm wondering if I should have a resume prepared and what kind of questions to they ask you on a job application??

As much information as possible would be extremely appreciated!! Thank you!!

First and foremost, you must be aware of "employers" and companies that may try to take advantage of you. Especially online. My suggestion to you is try your local malls or shopping areas. For someone your age, depending on where you live, you may need working papers. These papers allow you to work at your age. These type of jobs are great for someone your age to gain experience in customer services and/or sales and you don't really need a resume for these type of jobs either although it is always best to have one.

Think about ways that you can market yourself as an "independent contractor" (i.e. you work for yourself). Babysitting, cutting lawns, typing, etc. These types of jobs will then transfer onto a resume as self-employed child care worker, self-employed landscaper, self-employed typist, etc. This is how my son got his experience. He is now 18 and works for an advertising agency in a major market!

Have a good think about what you would like to do.

full time or part time? do you like retail / bars etc which involves meeting people or do you like to be more desk based?

Write a CV one page, no longer than 2. Put in your key skills and qualities, hobbies, employers like people who are a bit different from the norm so make your cv stand out, the potential employer may have loads to look at.

good luck

I agree with the local mall or restaurant. I think you will make more money and on a daily basis if you are a server but the local mall will be fun if you work somewhere you like to shop. Keep it fun for now while you are young. You will have to work for the money later when you have a ton of bills. Good Luck!

Bag Groceries at the local Grocery store.
Work your way to cashier
McDonalds or any fast food restauant.
Baby sit
Start a Cleaning Business- houses for Elderly and for the very busy families

go to all the local restruants the best money is there

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