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How can i make a resume if i only have 1 month of work experience?

How can i make a resume if i only have 1 month of work experience?

Don't sweat it. How old are you? If you're a teenager you can't really be expected to have too much paid job experience.

Think about other things you have done. Have you babysat? Cleaned houses/done yardwork/run errands for neighbors? Are you in a club/sport? Have you done any writing for the student paper or magazine? Are you involved in Girl/Boy Scouts, your local religious organization, etc?

There are always jobs (such as bookstores, coffee shops, retail, fast food places, etc.) that hire. It's not great work, but it's a resume builder and everyone has to start somewhere.

Good luck!

Focus on your education, extra curricular activities and volunteer work.

What other things have accomplished? Such as, education, volunteer work etc...

make a goals section and fill it up with what you want to accomplish and some community service wont hurt

you can but it wont be a very good one...just stress in your opening objective part that you are just getting started in the work field and look foward to working hard, and play yourself up. good luck!

focus on your skills.

do a skills based resume you can find a model of it at

I suggest a skills based resume and having someone objective help you with it. Sometimes they have job fairs or career development days at your local library and they can help you with your resume for free

put in your skills and education and interest you address but the experience with bullet points saying what you did there. Honors? Groups you were a member of etc.

Do you belong to a club, sporting group, choir? Can you get them to do you a reference? Add that to your resume. Do you do voluntary work, baby sitting or other job (paid or unpaid)? Have you certificates from school - Merit, Participation, Awards? List hobbies as well - don't include watching TV or video games.
List school subjects you enjoy or do well at.
These things can give a prospective employer an idea of your strengths, even if you don't have a lot of experience to offer.

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