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Resume: What to write under "work experience" if you never worked before?

I have to write a resume for my careers class and I've never worked before. What do I write under the heading of "Work Experience" ?

Here are some sites that may help you:

any volunteer service? Babysitting?

Volunteer work.
Extracurricular activities.
Baby sitting responsibilities.
Hobbies for fun and profit.
Sports activities, coaching.

That area is for actual work (i.e. jobs you were hired and paid for) not odd jobs and doing chores.

If you haven't had a job then just write "None." It's simple. Remember - never lie on a resume, if it looks suspicious they will check on it and find out the truth.

Have you ever done any volunteer work? Babysitting? Home sitting? Dog walking? Are you a good organizer? Taken care of other people?
Good Luck

you could put things that you have experience in that would contribute to future work. Like people skills or multitasking. Of course, usually there is a section for skills, as well. If you've done volunteer work before, that can definitely go under Work Experience. Also, high school jobs like babysitting, housewatching, or even ordinary tasks like cleaning the house or cutting the grass. But that's a far stretch.

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