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What should i put on my acting resume?

i'm 13 years old
act, sing, dance
been in musicals and dance performances in school and not in school for my dance team
been the lead in a musical

What kind of stuff should i include in my resume? how should i format it? is there like a form i could just fill out?

* 8.5 x 11 white paper
* one page, typed
* staple four corners to 8x10 headshot back-to-back (if you have one) and trim edges

* Name
* Age
* Contact info (agent if you have one, or parent's name, address, phone & email)
* Height, weight, hair color, eye color
* Vocal range
* Union affiliations, if any
* Experience: Show, Theatre, Role, Director (tabs)
* Training
* Special skills (like piano or guitar-playing, whistling, dialects you can do well - anything that a character might have to do that you wouldn't have to learn)

You can see a sample here:

Resume formats are NOT the same in every city in the USA,
You must ask other actors to give you a copy of their resume so you can create your resume.

yeah, what gel said. usually, its a black and while headshot. someplaces accept color as well. in any rate, break a leg.

For Acting, I would recommend

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