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I have a 3-4 year gap on my resume where I was unemployed and a housewife. How do I indicate this?

I know there are different formats, but they all seem to come back to this gap.

just don't put anything...and when the interviewer asks about the gap you can tell them yourself...look at it this way...Why would you want to list unemployment for staying home, when it doesn't benefit your resume in anyway...and you can verbally just tell them the truth of the missing job history area...Interviews are people too and they understand that some times...this happens.
putting down that you were a house wife during that time, doesn't benefit your work 'real' work history...and it's not going to dissuade the employer just 'cause you didn't put it in have a valid reason for not being employed...and since it's true and you recognize that it is not pertinent to the looks good for you in more ways than one...1. your not trying to complicate your resume with non-work type duties and 2. you are proving yourself to be an honest person by just telling them that you weren't working due to....x..y..z...
also, i am not saying that house wife isn't a totally is!!! i'm just clearing up why not to post that info. on your resume...

Thanks! One of the many hats I wear is HR and from the employers side it's totally legit...from the employees side, of which i am one of those too, it's also a valid reason. Hope you get the job you want!!! Report Abuse

depending on the job just put down homemaker....

Don't put dates on your resume. And explain in a cover letter you may include. Also, some of your skills as a housewife should be used in your career summary, like perhaps you have great organizational skills or good interpersonal communication skills. Lastly, volunteering is a great gap filler. Have you done any volunteer work during these times? Call around and see if these individuals will allow you to use them for a reference. Good Luck

honestly being a housewife is very hard work

you do not, just tell them you were doing the most responsible job anyone could do on this planet....raising kids..if that was the case...before you answer ask them if they have any kids....if they do they should look deeper into what you are saying..

be honest

List "Homemaker" as a job with the dates and discuss your responsibilities. Don't make a joke of it, play it straight.

Best wishes and God bless.

I am sure you weren't "just a housewife"...did you do things for your kids at school like reading programs, PTA or some other form of parent involvement...Did you do other volunteer work or something where you had to deal with "time management skills"?
I was a housewife by choice- but that didn't mean I was just that. I did tons of stuff while being responsible for my son. So when I listed that time in my resume, I also listed activities that I participated in my community- like church, PTA, volunteer work at a local tourist attraction, managed two elderly parents and their health and welfare, belonged to a parents group for children my son's age, went to community sponsored events like drug and substance abuse and the community groups' meetings to combat those problems,etc.
So- you might have been without a "paycheck", but returned value to your community in other ways.
I would talk positively about those 3-4 years- those years have made you a better person and a more valuable employee in some way.
Good luck with your job search.

A housewife is one of the toughest jobs you can have, especially if you have kids to tend too.
The times you were not employed by a company put down housewife or homemaker and describe the tasks that you preformed,maintenance-cleaning & house repairs, bookkeeping-balancing checkbook & writting bills, supervisor-directing and overseeing kids and their chores.

You're not really obligated to explain in the first place. But you might consider just doing a narrative either at the beginning or end of your work history and indicate that during those years you were at home, joyfully employed as a domestic engineer!

If they asked me I would tell them but I wouldn't put it on my resume.

Were you raising children? Put that in. Did you do any volenteer work? Were you active in anything else? Put anything that might help with the job you're applying for.

Just add there "Homemaker" most employers know what that is, and it's expected. Someone has to raise our children.

I'm not sure what you mean. When you list your jobs, you list when you started and when you ended. Usually, the interviewer will ask you why you were unemployed or something, then you tell them why.

DON'T put down homemaker as a past job because that's ridiculous, you can't be your own reference. If you do that, I'm sure you're not going to get the job.

Use a fuctional resume to cover the gap and use the cover letter to address it...

you were a household manager ... and i assure you were NOT unemployed you were doing three times what most people do .

I would leave the gap in your resume. When a potential employer asks about it you can say you took time off for your family. That may help you get the job. Just a thought.

Just put a one-liner at that spot in your resume
that says that you were a home maker

Devoted full time to mother and wife duties. Is a chronology necessary. I thought a lot of employer's mostly wanted to know how your work experience fits with or will enhance their business.

being a house wife is a job in its self just explain the duties that you do

ie house work, looking after children etc

Well, you could just leave the gap and let the future employer ask you if they are concerned. Or, you could put a sentence or two in the resume that you were raising young children or taking time to care for your home and husband during that time period. Good luck.

How about listing it as a domestic engineer. Lots of responsibilities when you stay at home. Budgeting, accounting, house cleaning, and if you have kids you were a referee and first aid technician.

I've done many interviews but never seen anyone indicate their unemployment in their resume or application. U should not have that listed. Because resume should have the following: name, address, tel#s, Goal (optional), Education, Employment, Skills & Abilities, References (if requested).
Unless u apply for a position that requires a person as a homemaker which shows responsibilities.
If no experience or education, u should concentrate in getting experience (option-volunteer to acquire) or education for that particular job in question. Once u acquire these experiences u should note it in ur resume.
Most of my staff volunteer to do the duties outside their duties to gain the experience. When there is an opening this will help them qualify for the job.
Read the duties that r required for that job & have those experiences which would qualify u for the job. Unless at times education over rules experiences.
A resume is just to support the application. The application is where we scrutinize the applicant.
I hope this helps. Good Luck in ur job hunting.

list it either as homemaker or stay at home mom...there's no shame letting a prospective employer know that you stayed home to care for you child(ren) during the first formative years!

just list "homemaker" it won't matter to most places

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