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I quit a job after four days. It was unbearable (crying myself to sleep at night). Should I?

include this on future resumes, on the off chance an employer will pay 60 plus dollars to view my employment history.....I'm not going to be applying for jobs that would do such extensive screening anyways. I don't want to appear flaky, but the circumstances were horrifying (these people were crazy....they don't even work at that address anymore). What would you do?

I'm sorry that you had such an experience. And how awful that that company isn't even in that location anymore. Regarding your resume, if at all possible, I think that it's generally recommended that one not put a job on their resume that lasted less than six months as the person can look like a 'job hopper', but please don't quote me on that. Perhaps you can read some resume books that can be found at the local library or bookstore. Perhaps you can also talk to a career counselor about your resume and recommendations for its content.

It would be a waste of time even to use them as a reference since you where only there 4 days. don't put them on. good luck on finding a job that you like.

No, it's not even worth putting on your resume,' or using them as a reference. Your resume should show jobs in which you obtained work experience, skills, and longevity. References should only be people who you've gained a good reputation with. Sorry about that job, most of us have been there.

Does not sound as if it were a reputable company. I would leave it off. May hurt you in the long run to be associated with that corporation. You never know what bridges that corporation has burned.

-- Carye

no way I would include this on my resume, in fact not any job that lasted less than 1 month..., if anyone ever finds out, just say you thought it ewasn麓t worth mentioning (which it is in my opnion)

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