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I lost my resume. need to make new one but forgot times and places, etc. is there a resource i can use ?

where can i look to retrieve my employment history?

Go to your local Social Security office. There is a fee to retrieve the information depending on how far you want to go back. But they will be able to give you the exact dates and the name of the company you worked for.

You won't like this answer but the only reseource I can think of is your memory, otherwise you have to contact all of your former employers, for which you also need your memory

i dont know of anywhere you can look for that...i think you are just supposed to document and keep everything...i guess its just not that hard for me since ive only had two jobs in my life so far...

The same thing happened to me. I contacted my previous employer and had them send me a copy of my resume that they kept in their personnel files. They were super nice about it and it really helped me out.

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And save it this time....

Hindsight says now, that you should have made many copies for just such an occasion.

However, you can check your tax records from previous years, you usually just have to have year of employment and not month day and year.

if you have any of your check stubs, or you could contact your previous employers and let them know that you are having to redo your resume because of whatever reason and wanted to know if they would look in the files and give you the dates you were working for them.

good luck.

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