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How do you improve a resume with little to no work history?

I don't have much work history, but I do have alot of personal experience which is very good. Would I just list my strong points in my personal history?

The KEY here is that experience is experience, whether you were paid for it or not. And havng personal experience in doing something does give you some work experience in it.

For example, I had a student who booked travel arrangements for herself and members of her family. When she wanted to apply for a travel agent position, she said she had no work experience. Well her personal experience doing those travel arrangements does count, and so I suggested putting it on her resume. Guess what? She got the job!!

Call yourself a consultant and say you worked for various clients. If they ask, look for companies that refuse to confirm or don't exist anymore. Most companies don't research that much, and you can usually find one that will accept your story.

Emphasize special training and talents, any extraordinary skills, any social or community related ties that show you to be a good employment investment

Put in your volunteer time, and your relevant skills. Instead of just listing it, I would put it in categories... such as...

-volunteered for the xyz group and acted as facilitator for advertising for a 6 month program that brought in $100,000.

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