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What are some good excuses for time lapses in your work history for a resume?

Trying to get a new job my problem is that in a few cases I have a few years gaps between jobs. The job i am applying for is not that great a job so i doubt if they will look into it that seriously. Please give me some good suggestions. Thnk You

Just tell them you had to take some time off for personal reasons, they cant ask for what. And they will be able to check if you were in prison and if you weren't that's good cause they know you are telling the truth.

There isn't a "good excuse" so you need to down play those years and try and sell the interviewer on your abilities and strong points now.

No getting around it, that will hurt a bit.

Sounds like you want an excuse to lie in your interview. Bad move. Tell the truth, be honest. This new job may not be as bad as you're describing it, make the best of it. As you move on, you can use them as a good reference source.

It's really easy to check resume references nowadays, so don't think they won't.

If you're a woman an interviewer will assume you've had a baby, if you're a man they'll assume you've been in prison. Just be honest and tell them the reason that you've had job lapses. It'll be better than what they're imagining.

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