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I am having a very hard time finding employment. I think I have a good resume.?

I have tried so hard to get out of the rut I am in but I just can't seem to. I had a great job and I hurt my knee and they let me go. Since then I have been unable to find good emploment. Very low pay for what is axpected of you.

You need to provide more information. More times than not, the quality of your resume is irrelivent- many jobs come from personal relationships that are far more complex than a resume. And what's more, these personal relationships are much better at determining the quality of a potential employee. I would suggest actually getting to know people before taking the job route- encounter managers and advisors as friends rather than targets.

If you resume is as great as you said, then you should post it on Here you can post your resume and find employers in your area and other areas around the U.S. This should help you find work in the related field with the right experience.

You Need a Better Resume. You Need to Find a Job

If you have an good resume. I would go the temporary services. Post my resume on some of the jobs sites like
Good Luck and Best Wishes!

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