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What can someone do who needs to get a job but hasn't worked in 20 years?

My sister-in-law needs to get a job but she hasn't worked in almost 20 years (she has 4 kids) and that was at a daycare, which she does not want to do again. I gave her a program to teach her typing and I am showing her how to get around the computer. But how do you create a resume with a background like that?

Take her to the county seat building and she can get a job working for your county. They offer jobs such as landscaping, trash collection, road work, and so on. If she doesn't like any of the positions being offered by the county government that is fine too. It was worth checking out. They are listed in your local phone directory. For the street address.

Well, she has daycare experience, so that's good. But if you haven't worked in so long, then you have two options;

Start small. Get a job that's easy to get or take a course at a college.

Become your own boss. Start up a small business or something. Do something that you can do on your own time if that's what's preferred.

she's going to have to start from the beginning again unless she has a degree or, for example, she has been renewing a certification for something like nursing or lifeguard. she should go to a job fair or a temporary service who can find jobs she's eligible. the problem with temps are that they take a portion out of your paycheck for a while.

well 20 years of taking kids is lots of experience. you can create a resume focusing on taking care of kids, she can be a nanny or babysitter which pay 15 per hour some places!

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