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Why does a job listing get reposted, but they never called me?

I have been applying for jobs lately. I will find a job listing on a website, apply for it, they never call me, then a couple weeks later they put up a new listing for the same job. I fit all the qualifications they asked for, so why would they list it again without even wanting to interview someone who already sent a resume?

That's a very good question. It unfortunately has happened to me too. I think it is because they want to keep their options open to see if there is another candidate out there that hasn't interviewed yet. If you think you met the qualifications, I'd call the company and follow up to see they did not overlook you.

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In days with anonymous employers, nobody feels any obligation to respond to the many applicants or to any of them. Unless you know to whom you are applying, you can never be annoyed with this employer.

Employers often have needs that they fail to put in a posting. They put in all they absolutely must have, but then individuals doing the pre-selection may have hidden agendas.

Also with anonymous employers you may have applied for some other job, and the story you are telling now may not mesh right with what you told them earlier. They keep your resume around just to check that new applications are consistent.

Simpel they did not like your resume. For what ever reason. It did not look the way the HR person would like. The objective is off, rare case they know your employer and called before calling to see what kind of worker you are, you are asking for to much money or you make to much now. They may have one pay range listed but really are looking to hire someone at the lowest end of the range. Maybe you don't have as much experience they would like. I would go see someone about punching up your resume and resubmitting

There was something they didnt like about your resume or application.
They never received your application
Your email went into the junk mail.

Sometimes companies use ATS systems that filter out the applicatns first.
In terms of the jobs, companies have the ability to "refresh" the job, on HotJobs its a 7 day basis. They can also automatically refresh and this makes the job appear refreshed on that day. This might be what is happening. Sometimes there are so many resumes, they cannot respond to everyone or forget to take a job down and it keeps refreshing.

Well they could have call some of your previous employers to do a reference check and may have received a bad review from one of them. The e-mail you sent may have gone in to the bulk or junk mail box. Try to call them if they provide a number or stop by if they provide an address. Also before you go to interview I would do some great research on the company so you will know what they are all about and that will look good when you do get an interview!!! GOod LUck!

Sometimes, you have to be the person to take the them...visit their office...don't expect everything to come to you. (Maybe laziness was a qualification you appear to posses but didn't fit the position?)

you probably think ur qualified but that doesn't meant that you are.. maybe u don't have enough experience.. remember there are even more people that will be more qualified than you.. all you can do i to keep trying.. and if ur not adding a cover letter w/ur resume, then maybe you should

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