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How many words per minute do I need to be able to type to get a good typing job?

I'm pretty good at typing and wouldn't mind a job that requires a lot of it. How much should I practice a day, and how many words per minute do I need to be able to do (like if they ask on a resume.)

OK, this question I can answer. I normally do data entry and it really depends on what type of job is involved. Most clerical positions require at least 45 words per minute. It really depends on what the job description is and I've worked jobs where the necessary speed was 13,000 keystrokes an hour but most only require around 10-12-00 kph.

Aim at about 55-70 words per minute and make sure that you are accurate. You should be able to download a free data entry test program from the Internet for free.

Now keep practicing, even if it's on yahoo! good luck

at least 65 words per minute

at least 25-30 expert level is 70 but thats if you are trying to be a transcriptioner

I think it is 45+ words per minute.

Well I know for me I can type 40 wpm with 2 errors and Im an assistant administrative assistant for a prestigious firm. Its funny because the requirements were to type 60wpm and be Microsoft 2000 expert. Well I only know Word and Powerpoint. My point is that never limit yourself. I know if I were in charge of a business I would look at the potential someone would bring to my company instead of hiring a hotshot that thinks they are better than slice bread. Good Luck

65 is way to high. Around 45+ is good enough. If you get a job as a typist this will go up rapidly anyway.

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