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Are we required to mention under-the-table jobs on resume's for legitimate employment?

Are we required to mention under-the-table jobs on resume's for legitimate employment?

No, in fact that is probably a bad idea since the legit employer could conduct a background check, or even request a W2 from that job.

You're not required to put anything on your resume, but truth be told, if a pos. employer finds out about it on his/her own, you prob won't get the job. But then again... putting it on the resume might prevent you from getting the job, too....

You're not required, but you might want to dep. on what the job was. (What was it?)

depends. You can list what you want but I would list it if the work is related to what you are looking for. A prospective employer does not know if they are under the table or not.

There is no requirment, because no one can require you to creat your resume in any particular way, and I would list the job if it assists in promoting your skills which relate to the new job your are applying for. If it doesn't, list it then if it will fill in any "employment gaps." An employer will not be mad at you for doing an under the table job.

You can if it is doing the same work, just put it under self contractor. You dont have to give any more information than just the normal, when started and things like that. And it is better if you did put them on there if it related to the job your are trying to get hired for.

No. It would not be a smart idea, as they might call for a reference. Obviously, if it wasn't a legitimate job, no one there would want to admit they knew you.

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