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Will employers do a employment check if I quit a job which I had for 2 months?

I'm currently taking evening classes at school to finish my degree. Meanwhile, I accepted an entry level part time job which I hated. I quit after doing it for 2 months. If I leave it off the resume, will employers find out about this job?

Its not like there's a gap in my resume because I'm still going to school at the moment.

don't worry about it. do not list it and they will never know or care

Absolutely,leave it out and they'll never know! But, legally all they can ask when verifying employment is ,"did this person work for you?" and "would you rehire them?"

No there is no reason for you to list it. A new employer will probably check references on the jobs you do list, do a pre-emp drug test, and a criminal background check, but I've never seen anyone use a social security number to do a check on all jobs previously held. Good luck with your degree.

There probably will be no harm in leaving it off BUT... you should have an excuse ready if an employer asks you about ever working there. You could say ' that was just a part time job while I was in school, I forgot to list it because I was only there for a little over a month', and that should be sufficient for most employers. If you are applying for a government position, you must list it. Anything that has there will be an 'FBI background check' would find it.

While in school I worked at a place until lunch and walked out. Never put it on my resume. One employer questioned me as to why I had lied to him. So, you never know when something is going to come up.

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