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How do you word being laid off from your job on your resume?

How do you word being laid off from your job on your resume?

On your resume, you will only put the starting date and ending date of each position.
The reason you are no longer there will be addressed in an interview. At that discussion, you can say downsizing, or whatever the reason may be.

You don't.
You just put the start and end year.
When they ask in an interview, then you should be prepared to explain. This will mean bringing out the job and company in a positive light, even if you hated everything about it. How you explain your previous employment is exactly the way the employer will think you will go on to treat them.

Victim of downsizing due to Corporate greed.
Sacrifical Lamb for CEO's excessive salary
Victim of (8) years of Bush economics

Happened to me twice...COMPANY WENT BANKRUPT........

First of all, dont put it on your resume, put it on your application if you have to fill one out. Simply say, "not enough hours" or something to that effect.

You can put "laid off" it on your resume and it won't look negative, just make sure you have been doing an activity while laid off. And place into resume so it won't look like you were just loafing around during this time.

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