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When handing in an application should I give my resume aswell?

Okay so, lately I've been looking for a job (I'm talking about stores like clothing stores, retail stores and such).

So they give the application and when I return the application, should I hand in my resume along with the application or only if they ask?

Also how important is it to hand in a resume on resume paper at jobs like these?

As a retail store manager, I can tell you first hand that a resume makes a BIG difference with these kinds of jobs. It is not necessary, but it will make you stand out among the giant mass of applications that most retail stores are bombarded with.

Handing in a resume is a great idea because:
1. Retail stores get loads of applications from a vast pool of applicants. Your resume will make you one of a few, since about 95% of the applications don't include one.

2. It will highlight accomplishments and skills that you may not be able to fit on the application.

3. People (including the applicants themselves) often carry the mentality that these jobs are not worthy of a resume. By taking the time to hand in a properly formatted, error free, well written resume, even with very little work experience, you're showing care, a good attitude & responsibility...the very qualities the HR department & managers are seeking.

Good luck!

Thank you! Best of luck in your job search~* Report Abuse

I wouldn't think its a big deal for those kind of jobs.

its alway ok to hand in a resume with an application. it gives them extra information on you and if they dont want the extra info they will just toss it or not look at it.

it could give them a bit of info that gets you the job, plus it shows you are organized

Yes. This makes you look very professional and organized.

It's probably not that important, but it would allow them to get better knowlege of you before an interview. That could be an advantage for you.

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