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If fired from a job, what is best way to put reason for leaving on resume?

It's for my niece who is 17, this is her second job and was fired w/o proper warnings about the situation.

Don't put the reason for leaving on the resume. Wait for the interviewer at the new job to ask. Then come up with a valid, truthful yet positive elevator speech for the difference of opinion.

You never list a reason why you left a job, or a contact name on your resume. Usually, if they want to interview you, they do so, and at the interview, they say, so why did you leave this job? And then that's your chance to say why you were fired. Don't use words like, "unfair" "undeserved" etc. Accept any responsibility, say, "well, it was a learning experience," or something to that effect. Just say something like, "it wasn't working out for me, and my managers and I decided I could do better somewhere else." If they like you after the interview they will usually ask, can we contact your past/present employers? Then you tell them which, if any, you'd prefer for them to call. Good luck with that!

put the truth

Don't put the reason for leaving on the resume.

If asked during the interview, she could say "It was a temporary position." She can say this regardless of how long she worked there.

Also, for a reference from the job, have her use a friend who works there, not the management who fired her.

your resume does not have a place for the reason to leave a job. under your job experiences, just list the jobs that you did not get fired on. you will not have to worry about the interviewer asking you a question about getting fired. never give out information unless you are asked because you just might talk yourself out of a job. advise from the wise.................

ps. if you tell the interviewer about being fired then the interviewer might just take it upon themselves to call your ex-employer. so just leave it out............

One NEVER puts a reason for leaving on a resume, EVER. If she is asked about why she left, she should be truthful about it and talk about what she learned through the experience and how she intends to use that learning.

The thing she should absolutely NOT do is say something like "I was fired but without proper warning" or in some way say anything at all negative about her former employer. She should keep the focus entirely on the positives and the learning she will apply from this point forward.

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