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What to put on your resume if you've only had one job?

I need to create a resume, but I've only had one job?! At my age most people have a lot more than one job to brag about. So I feel like it is pointless to even make a resume, but I need to. Any advice?

i would list your one job, put down your strenghts, what you did in that job. for instance instead of being generic, be specific. On mine- i was a volunteer for a while- i included my volunteer time- in my volunteer position i assisted people with their foodstamp applications or applications for assistance to pay funeral expenses. I also did filing. On my resume it says Assisted 800 people filling out applications for assistance accurately and correctly. Filing accurately for a person who had 1250 cases in adult payments. Be specific in what you did on your one job. For instance, instead of saying assisted people with applications- i put assisted 800 people with applications accurately and correctly. Explain what you did, but use numbers instead of being generic. It will make your resume look better.

If you do volunteer work of any kind you can include that in your resume. Any kind of community involvement will look good (as long as it can be verified).

Do not make anything up. The trend has been for the last few years for people to lie about their experience/qualifications and most employers do checks.

DO NOT underestimate your personal interests/hobbies. You might only have had one job, but a personal interest in e.g. dogs or cleaning stables on family farm or having a HUGE snake collection might make you more desirable as a vet's assistance than someone with 20 different jobs in restaurants.

Do not make the mistake of writing one resume, adapt it for EVERY JOB APPLICATION to highlight your suitability for that specific job. The facts stay the same, you just highlight different areas.

Be bold, don't hide anything.

Firstly, I'd list all your strengths and any volunteer work you have done. Also, if you are a parent, if you were a member of any committee's or organisations. Often employers are looking for people who have had a history of volunteer work, even if they have had only one paid job.

put accomplishments on your resume -- the number of jobs don't really count.

One job is enough if you are good enough in the field. What you need to emphasize in your resume are your key achievements you've done before, your strengths and expertise, the trainings you received before and how these can apply to the jobs you are applying for. Few recommendation letters from your supervisors or friends could support your points a little bit.

make your resume and put the job on it!! u can tell write in detail about your duties and responsibilities ,salary etc!if you were good with your previous employer,get a recommendation letter!!

One thing you must learn is be honest with your job. let it be known on your resume that u've had only one job and you can tell the reason why. No idea why ur worried. usually it's a good sign as it shows tht ur not interested in changing ur jobs at the drop of a hat, u'd rather stay put in one place

You should still put something that best describes yourself to give a potential employer an idea of what kind of person you are and what you are good at. The better you present yourself and help a potential employer understand you, the better the chances that you will find a job that you are compatible with and enjoy the most.

Potential areas on a resume include:

Volunteer exterience
Physical Abilities (if applying for a labout intensive job)

just put down all the things you know about or studied

Make stuff up, everyone does it

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person who would be hiring you. What would that person want to know about you in order to hire you?

There's nothing wrong with just having one job on your resume. Put down what you did, and go into extra detail on all the things you were responsible for doing. If you have any kind of hobbies or extracurricular activities that give you experience that would be helpful in your new job, then by all means, list those too.

Try your best to put up a presentable yet honest resume. I'm sure you'll get employed cause you are honest enough.

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