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What should i include in my resume for a job at the cinema?

what should i include in my resume for a job at the cinema?

Education, including any foreign languages you speak. Have you had any courses in Theater/Film Appreciation? Business classes? Classes in public relations? Have you worked before, even babysitting is OK if you are under 19 years old. Make sure you have good references, teachers, ministers, other employers, etc. Be neat and clean and wear nice clothing both when asking for an application and when returning it and during an eventual interview. Why do you want to work there? What are the qualities you have that will make you a good employee? GOOD LUCK!

Um....No!!! Unless your going to work for a cinema down the street.

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    I did the hiring for our business and it looks very bad if you have jumped from job to job. Don't include something that lasted a week.

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    Just put the job on there. When the interviewer calls to ask about you the old boss can't legally say anything except that you worked there thats it. They can't say anything else.

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    Job titles and length of employment. YES! I never lie about my skills.

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    Spell check works well. If you have a lot of misspelled words they won't give you the time of day. You want to sell yourself. Talk about all your accomplishments, and what you are good at. ...


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