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What would i put on a resume for a daycare job resume?

I really care about kids and want to help them,be there friend and have fun with them thats why i want to work at a daycare.
But what would i put on my resume ?

mine kinda looks like this...

鈥are for children ages 6 weeks to 11 years of age.
鈥evelop classroom management and classroom design to aid in stimulation of critical thinking.
鈥nteract with parents on a daily basis.
鈥ssisted in planning and scheduling of summer field trips that relate to weekly themes.
鈥bility to adapt to different learning styles; thinking, creativity, writing skills to foster sense of community.
鈥ighly trusted and respected by both students and staff.
Report any incident or accident reports to supervisor.
Reinforced positive role model behaviors and manners.

Hope this helps!! Good luck!!!!

any babysitting experience classes in school relating to psychology, any family experience ie i watch my cousins baby at every family get together, younger siblings, neighbors.. and any cpr classes you took, anything that shows responsiblilty leader of such and such club, previous jobs and some references

Definitely mention any previous experiences with kids, especially if you have younger siblings or family member you do or have taken care of. Also, any child development classes you may have taken.

First and CPR certificated
Goals for the future
Qualities you have

baby sitting classes

The truth

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