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Applying For Federal Job - Return to previous field?

I am applying for a Federal job (case clerk position) with the US District Court of Appeals. I was previously employed in the legal field (2005-2007), but left to pursue a career in restaurant management. Long story short, management is not for me and I desire to return to the legal field. How can I best convey this is my resume/letter of interest?

You can say that for a short period you had left the field due to personal reasons !!

Why is there a need to convey it at all in the cover letter? You were employed in the legal field until just last year. Your cover letter should note why you want to work at the US District Court of Appeals and should *briefly* summarize why you are perfect for the job.

In your interview (if you are lucky enough to get such), you say that left the field briefly for a non-legal job, but found you very much enjoy the legal field. No need to ever mention "restaurant management" in a cover letter -- especially when your break from the legal field was so brief.

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