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What is the proper prefix for a letter to address a lady if you don't know if she is married or not?

I am sending a resume to a lady and I do not know what the proper prefix is to address her as.

The proper prefix is Ms. It is pronounced as Mizz.

This prefix is mainly used for addressing ladies, whose marital status is not known by the adressor. It can also be used while referring to the lady in a meeting etc. That's why I gave the pronounciation too.

I agree, it is Ms. (mizz)

No doubt--Ms. Either Mistress or Master's(Mrs.).

you write Ms. so it does not offend anyone.



Try addressing the person by title:

"To the Personnel Officer"
"To the Office Manager", etc.

You can add a post script (a P.S.) saying you didn't know the proper title to address her. It will show her that you have manners.

Ms - works for all

Mrs - married
Mdm - married, but using maiden name
Miss - single


Ms. applies to both married and unmarried women, you can never go wrong. If she has a PHD. make sure to refer to her as Dr. because some people get really pissed off if this title is not acknowledged.

i'll totally agree wid angel.


If you are sending a resume to this lady than obviously she has personally asked you to send it to her?? If so, contact her; ask her how she would like you to address (the resume) intended for her review. If she did not personally, than it is addressed as follows: To whom it may concern, human resources, Ms., Mr., who ever, etc. Professionally speaking,even if married, we are Ms.. Not every one benefits from MRS.besides , of course, your LUCKY HUBBY!!!!!


Definitely Ms.


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