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What can I do about my former employer's bad-mouthing of me to potential new employers?

I am in California. About a week ago, I sent out my resume' to potential new employers, but just found out now that this unethical company gave nasty reports on me. I thought that all they could legally do was confirm that I was an employee of theirs.

They unfairly fired me, but I proved to a judge that I gave them no valid reason to do so. They probably hate me because of that. I was willing to forget about them and move on, but can not if they are bad-mouthing me. What are my options?

I like the answer "Johnny Socko" (above) gave, and I'd like to take it one step further.

First, find someone who has worked in an HR department (friend of a friend... you'll eventually find someone) and find out the typical questions that are asked. If you just call without preparing, they may soon figure out this is a bogus call. They're not always so gullible.

Next, try what I call the "Alexis Colby" approach (a refernce to Joan Collins' character on the 1980s series, "Dynasty"). Alexis could maximize whatever shred of advantage she had in any business deal, negotiation, or even social conversation. Similarly, you need to maximize to your advantage anything you can use against this former employer.

Hence, if you know any secrets about the company, things they would not like publicized, you could strong arm them into compliance. Play hardball with them. They are trying to screw you over, so don't feel any pangs of guilt about going for the jugular.

They are not supposed to say anything, but, yes, they do, I've seen it happen. I would like to know how you found out, but anyway, you can tell the new, prospective employer that you do not want the old one contacted. If you're not working for that employer, it can look bad, though. If you were still working for that employer, you can say that you wouldn';t want to be treated unfairly if they found out you might be leaving them.

You can have a friend call them and pretend to be a potential employer verifying employment. Have a tape recorder record whatever disparaging remarks they make against you.
When they are done, ask if they are aware that they have violated your rights under the law and have left their company liable to a lawsuit.
Make sure it's recorded and make sure they KNOW you recorded it.

Well actually it i up to those that you are applying to. They ususally call old employers and ask the about how you were as a worker and what attributes you have. This is usually the part of the referance check that could get you in trouble; but i order for a perspective copany to keep this in mind I suggest that you 1)not put them on your resume unless you really need it 2) f you really do need them then make sure to tell your future employers formally (if not on your application or resume) 3) ask them up front, ask your future employers and if your find that they actually are bad mouthing you try and take them back in court (but I do not think that you would be able to get them to do anything about this) you may just ahve to elave them off of your resume all together...sorry

Clean up your act so that the next time they do it, you can sue for slander. As far as I know it is not illegal to answer a question. If a prospective job calls your present employer and wants to know the type of person you are, then there is nothing you can do about it. What were you thinking when you put a company that you took to court and beat on your resume in the first place.

If you have proof they bad mouthed you, you can sue, even if what the said was true. Legally, the only info they can give out is you dates of employment and basic info like that. If they said you were a bad employee, or they wouldn't recommend hiring you, they are in big trouble.

The problem is, it's hard to get evidence they did this.

Good luck.

Take them off of your resume. What exactly are they saying about you? Legally, a company can say if you're rehireable or not, what your wage was, and if you left a resignation letter of any sort, they're allowed to send a copy of it to your new employer. You could try to find more information at (department of labor).

People who are thinking of hiring you want to know how well you did on your last job. If you worked well with others and if you goofed off any. They have a right to know if you came in to work on time too. Your options are limited, unless you do not use this company as a reference on any other resume.

Depending on the laws in California, you may be able to sue the pants off the former employer, especially if you already proved to a judge they fired you without legitimate cause.

I'd contact a lawyer and look into it. They may owe you a pile of cash.

I'm not sure about Ca. but in Mass. a former employer cannot badmouth you to a new employer. The best thing would be to contact your local department of labor and find out your rights. If they are in the wrong take them to court for harassment.

in California you can sue for big money (if you can prove it)

a lawyer will take a case like that for 30%

it can be worth over ..$ 100,000 (and much more depending on how much money you make in your field)

Sue them for slander! In NC, it is illegal to give a bad referrence. And also, if your future or prospective employers don't get that they are being unethical, you don't want to work for them anyway.

yes, its illegal for them to bad mouth them, have a friend pretend to be a potential employer for you, get them on tape and sue them for damages

try looking for another job, there isn't anything you can do really if they are talking behind your back except work around it, if they don't even know the laws then they aren't worth working for.

If what they are saying is UNTRUE and you can prove it then you can civilly sue for damages if you are hving a hard time getting a job.

Actually that is illegal. I worked in HR and that is illegal. You could actually sue.

Have you tried talking to them (your former employers)? You might try just stopping listing them as a former employer if the situation is that bad.

Then head back to court and sue your former employer for slander, if you proved you were unfairly fired you'll win this too. Good Luck.

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