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A pageant resume?

My daughter does beauty pageants and we are out looking for donations for the state pageant. How do you make a pageant resume?

Document all of her best achievements in pageants, or in activities that lend to her success in pageants.

It doesn't always have to be winning, especially if she hasn't been it very long. First or second runner up is worth mentioning. Scholastic achievements are great too.

Organize everything by category and date, like a normal resume. Then maybe make a statement about what she hopes to accomplish by competing in this state competition or from having pageant involvement over all.

Good luck.

type out a nice letter to potential sponsors. add a heading with the pageant logo and/or a picture of her.

include information about your daughter and the pageant (such as scholarships, etc.), and let them know they will be mentioned as sponsors.

include the total amount she needs to raise, but make sure to state that any contribution is greatly appreciated.

be sure to follow up with a nice thank you card and picture after the pageant.

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