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On my black and white resume, should my email address be in blue or should I just leave it in black?

On my black and white resume, should my email address be in blue or should I just leave it in black?

Leave it black if you want it to "pop" maybe bold print it.


I'd go with blue.

I'm sure this is just a matter of preference.

I doubt it matters. It would have no bearing on whether you get hired or not.

"Hmmmm, Harvard Grad, 15 years of Experience, Charismatic... oops, email address was printed in blue... NEXT!"

"Hmmmm, G.E.D., No experience, imprisoned for murder and recently released (on parole)... email address ( printed in black. I think we have our new Manager."

black.. and not underlined

It's up to you, but I would do it in black.

Black, they can't click on the "link" anyway.

youre putting it online, it will most likely end up blue anyways, but if your printing it i suggest putting it in black and white. :) good luck on the resume thingie.

Leave it black

Leave it black but i'd keep it blue if you a filling out the application on line.

in my resume i put my email address in just gives the whole paper a little pop in it...i personally like it...but i guess its up to you..print out some test sheets one of it in black and one of it in blue and see how you feel about it... best of luck job hunting



It should be black, and not underlined. Right click on it and "remove hyperlink." Then it will look like regular text.


Black is fine. If you are applying for a professional position, black is best. If you are applying for a really creative type position - colors or rainbow might be good. I would go with black.

Black and just bold it :)

when I see that, it tells me that the person doesn't know enough about word processing to know that the link can be removed and the default can be overridden.

Tells me something about their professionalism.

Take the link out make the text black.

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