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What does Most Recent Employer mean when they ask it on a resume?

What does Most Recent Employer mean when they ask it on a resume?

Most Recent = Last Employer

Go from current job (or last one) to oldest (first job you ever had).

If you have a current employer, list it. If not, name the last employer you had. If you've never been employed (and of course they mean a company - not baby-sitting or allowance from your Mom), just put N/A

the last place that you worked

Either who you're currently working for or who the last company you worked for was.

to write a resume

I think you mean application, not resume?

who was the last person u worked for

the last person you worked for.

The employer that you worked for most recently. It is how resume goes in terms of employment history - latest first and then going back in chronological order to the very first employment you had

the place you are now working for or your last place of employment.

your last boss..... and job

they want to know who the company or person was that you last worked for

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