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Which way is the watermark on the resume paper supposed to go in the printer?

Which way is the watermark on the resume paper supposed to go in the printer?

When printing on high quality paper check for the watermark. Hold the paper to the light to see the watermark. The watermark should be what is called "right-reading" when you print; the watermark, like your text, should be read left to right. While an upside down, backward watermark may not necessarily cause a paper jam, the grain of the paper runs in tandem with the watermark on the paper.

Personally, I don't think it matters....

BUT.....if you want to know which way to place a sheet in the printer to have something print a certain way....Take a blank piece of paper and mark it with an arrow pointing toward the top. Place it in the tray with the arrow side on top and pointing towards the printer. Run a test page. When it prints out you will know how your printer will process anything you place in the feeder.

All in all, it's always a good idea to know, in case you need to print something special, like on a watermarked sheet, or a letterhead, etc.

Good luck with the resume!!

- Tig

see it all depends on printer to printer. but whatever the case, check your printer paper feed tray bed, and you wil find your answer there. it will show and icon of a curled page, with lines on the page on one face (either the curled side or the other), the face where these lines are, is where the print would occur once you put the paper in, and the edge where the curl is would be the top edge of your print out.

No one will notice. To be honest most HR departments wont even notice the paper much less the watermark.

Whats going to get noticed is you selling yourself to whomever you are applying for in your resume.

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